7 Weeks of Weird: Food Weirdness

Not a Punk Rocker clued me in to Mental Mama’s new challenge. I’m a day behind, but I didn’t see this until Wednesday afternoon, and Thursdays work better here anyway.

This week we’re talking about weird foods/food combinations that we like but other people think are strange. I thought about this for a while, and I couldn’t come up with anything specific. I’m mostly known for weirdness about things I don’t like. There’s a running joke among my friends that I only eat six foods.

I’m really visceral about foods I don’t like, and I usually can’t stand to look at them or smell them. It’s gotten worse as I’ve aged, so I can only assume that part of it is related to the fact that I live alone and I don’t have to cope with the smell of foods I can’t stand anymore.

The worst offender is eggs. I will eat eggs as part of a recipe where I don’t have to see or taste an egg, but I literally gag if there is a cooked egg in my presence, and the smell has induced vomiting on more than one occasion.

Right behind eggs are pork products of any kind. I’ve had people ask if I was Jewish before because I just say I “can’t eat pork.” That’s not actually true, and I will eat a small piece of roast pork or a baked pork chop if it’s lean and cooked in something that makes the smell and texture less overpowerinig. I can’t eat more than a few bites without gagging unless it’s cut up as part of a pork chop casserole or something, so it’s just easier to say I don’t eat pork. The odd part of this is that I actually like pork chop casserole. I have the same sort of thing going on when it comes to bacon. I can eat one or two pieces if it’s lean and cooked to the point of being almost burnt, but I can’t really stay in the room while it’s cooking, and I’ll gag on it if it’s all floppy and greasy, so it’s always a game of Russian roulette trying to get anyone to cook bacon the way I like it. I don’t actually enjoy getting up in the morning to find the smell of bacon permeating the house and will gag on the smell. So, again, it’s just easier to say I don’t like it, even though sort of do. If it’s cooked a certain way. I make Italian sausage quite often in my spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna, but I can’t eat breakfast sausages at all, so most of the time the easiest thing is to say “I don’t like pork products” or “I don’t like sausage.”‘


Even the sight of this meal makes me want to gag.

Not a big fan of seafood either. Most seafood has an overpoweringly strong taste/smell, and if it doesn’t, it’s usually got a weird texture, so there are a few seafood dishes that I will eat if they are prepared to my specifications, but there are so few of them that again, it’s easier just say I don’t like seafood. Seafood can be a migraine trigger anyway, so I don’t mess with it much anymore.

I also don’t like the texture of most beans, and I can’t eat nuts or seeds of any kind, so you might notice that my protien choices are somewhat limited. I’ve made a concerted effort to find new foods that I can eat in the last several years because I’ve become aware of dietary migraine triggers, and some of the things I did eat were probably contributing to my out of control headaches. So I do eat more than “six foods,” but I could still probably count the things I use regularly.

Random possibly useful tidbit, these folks sent me a link to what they describe as an interactive guide to migraine triggers.  I’ve checked it out and it may be useful.  Not sure how they’re using the word interactive.

4 thoughts on “7 Weeks of Weird: Food Weirdness

  1. I’m really weird about texture, so I like the taste of mushrooms but can’t stand the texture. Any time I tell a friend I don’t like a food they ask if it’s the texture, because 98% of the time it is.
    Also, if you don’t like eggs or pork, I suggest you never ever try to eat in Spain or Portugal. They put eggs and bacon-like ham on EVERYTHING.


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