The Foxes of Synn Are Coming to Amazon!

foxes title

foxes title

Generations ago, the world of Synn was ruled by foxes.  Now only the Malimore family remains to protect the Kheldor Mountains in the North. This summer,  join the Malimores in a new science fantasy serial by Rose B. Fischer.

Part 1, Fox. Hunting is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

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Redefining Disability–Thoughts and Requests

Redefining Disability2

Redefining Disability2

I feel like things have gotten a little off track with Redefining Disability this year. That’s mostly because I’ve been struggling to get my everyday needs met and haven’t had much time to create new media related content or manage the admin side of the project. I am trying to do better.  There are things I need help with in order to continue.  There is a post explaining what I need here.


Some of you have suggested things like Twitter chats, public facebook groups or linkups.  It’s not practical for me to run the project with linkups, because my intent was to make this something that doesn’t have defined “dates” and deadlines associated with it. Also, I’m just not going to remember to post weekly or monthly linkup threads.   We can discuss options in the comments if people prefer more structure.  (If you haven’t guessed, I dislike structure.)


I’m not able to do any of the other things until I feel like the project is running smoothly.  In order for that to happen I think there needs to be an official admin team. If you like to be a part of that, please comment below (even if you’ve already commented before) and leave me your Facebook username.  I’m going to try managing admin stuff through a private FB group since that seems to be the best way for everyone to communicate together without it being done on my blog.  Strings of emails going back and forth are inefficient.


The short version, of what I need:


  • 2 or 3 bloggers who will volunteer to read and comment on Challenge posts each week and make sure those posts are getting archived correctly.
  • 1 or 2 bloggers currently active on Twitter who will volunteer to tweet links and promote them with various blogsharing hashtags. I would like to make one of these guys the official “go to” person for Redefining Disability on Twitter, because the site doesn’t work on my computer.
  • 1 or 2 bloggers to do a some guest posting on my blog responding to disability related questions or articles like this one.  As an example of what I mean, I have a plan for a series in response to this  explaining that A) the person using the wheelchair was rude but B) the stall is the only one she can use while everyone else has another option and C) why a baby’s diaper does not trump an adult woman’s need to use a toilet. It’s taking me forever because I simply lack the time.


I also want to talk about what the goals of this project are, because I’m not sure that’s been clear.


My goal with The Redefining Disability Project is to promote and provide tools for better media representation of people with disabilities. 

The role of the Redefining Disability Awareness Challenge within the project is to act as a framework for people to share their own experiences related to disability, so that subsequent posts about representation aren’t just based on my opinion.  I started by just asking people to comment on media related posts.  That didn’t work so well.  I came up with the questions as a way to provide more specific prompts for people to use, but I don’t want the entire project to be a collection of personal anecdotes.

So, if we’re promoting Redefining Disability, I would like to promote it as a project about media representation.  The Challenge seems to be the thing that most bloggers care about, and that’s fine as long as we promote it as part of a larger project, not a thing by itself.


Please use the comment section to volunteer or offer your thoughts on structuring the project.

Super Awesome Self Promo Thread of Doom #2

self promo

self promo

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to the Super Awesome Self Promo Thread of Doom.  I will post this thread on Sundays.  Then, for the next week, any and all are welcome to drop links in the comments section.

  •  Link to any post or page on your blog.
  • I will share your (work safe) content here on and in my social media feeds.
  • Preference is given to new content, but I will also share info posts/pages for long running blog features.

The only rules:

  • No Amazon links or links to “buy my book!” pages.  I want to know what’s happening on your blog.  If I go there, I can find your commercial projects myself.
  • Drop as many links as you like, but for every link you share you must also visit and comment on a link someone else drops!
  • Reblog and/or share this post at least once during the week.

If we were having coffee – Release day edition

Originally posted on Melissa Barker-Simpson:

Organised by Diana (Part Time Monster). Organised by Diana (Part Time Monster).

If we were having coffee, you would no doubt notice my boundless enthusiasm. I’m buzzing with energy, and it has nothing to do with the caffiene coursing through my veins! Today, Gina Briganti and I published Changing Worlds, which means you can finally meet Maddy. Changing Worlds includes Saunders’ Choice by Gina, and my prequel to the Fractured Series, The Contract. If we were having coffee I would show you the cover…

Changing Worlds 5-5-15

As a special treat I wrote a four part story featuring Maddy, which coincides with the release and the forthcoming fantasy tour. If we were having coffee I would read the first part to you, because I love reading aloud. Unless, like my sister, you prefer to read it yourself, and then I’d tell you to click here. Over at my author site I’m encouraging people to leave links to their…

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#WeekendCoffeeshare: Attack of the Desert Messiah Bunny


coffee2 rabbit-694919_1280 If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my serial fantasy series is coming out this summer and bug the crap out of you to hang out on my friend’s blogs while my characters are visiting for promotional festivities.

Then I would tell you that something incredibly strange and vaguely disturbing is happening to me. I’m reading Dune — which is not the strange part. The Dune Chronicles have been my annual tradition, from late May to mid July since the year I graduated from High School. Except that this year, I can’t maintain focus on the story. Usually, every time I return to Arrakis, I discover some new facet I had missed or not fully understood. This time, my brain is just full of what-ifs.

What if Paul had a twin? What if Jessica had Alia sooner? (Why didn’t she anyway, if as the story implies, Bene Gesserit Adepts can determine the gender of their offspring? I’ve always wondered and have about twenty theories, ranging from “she had no intention of ever producing an Atreides daughter because she knew that the daughter would end up in a political marriage to a Harkonnen” to “she had a secret plot of her own.”)

The biggest question on my mind is WHY THE HECK IS ALIA NOT THE HERO of the story? Of course, I know the answer to that one. My head is off on all these tangential AUs where Alia is the focus, but I can’t think to do that and maintain the integrity of Herbert’s themes.  Point of divergence AUs are my thing, but they’re a LOT of work. (And I can’t spend 10 years on a fanfiction epic at this juncture anyway.) It occurs to me that what I really want to read right now is a science-fiction religious epic with a female Messiah figure battling inner demons she can’t quite master. Given the way current science fiction usually glosses over religion, I’d have to write the damn thing myself. I don’t think a story like that would have much in common with Dune if I wrote it, except that EVERYTHING with me gets inspired by Dune somehow…

Please don’t feed the bunny.





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