Herding Muses

Herding Muses


Herding Muses is the writing-related section of the blog. I’ve got several semi-regular features that I’ve been alternating through.

  • Muse Bait and Feeding the Muses are free to use ideas, prompts, brain-fodder, and resources for writers. Most are mine right now, but I’m looking to branch out with guest posts, and links to other helpful resources.
  • Muse Herding Gear is a subcategory I’m putting together for product reviews, reviews of writing related books, and strategies for keeping your Muses healthy and happy.
  • Advice for the Muse Herding Newbie  is a series of advice articles I wish someone had given me 20-odd years ago when I started writing.
  • Are You Stuck? is an ongoing series of tips for getting your writing projects unstuck.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll also find tips for organizing your writing, case studies on character development, worldbuilding, and several other topics.  Feel free to browse the Herding Muses Category to see what else is here.

You can check out a complete list of upcoming topics here.

If you have a request or an idea, feel free to drop me a line.


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