Redefining Disability–Thoughts and Requests

Redefining Disability2

I feel like things have gotten a little off track with Redefining Disability this year. That’s mostly because I’ve been struggling to get my everyday needs met and haven’t had much time to create new media related content or manage the admin side of the project. I am trying to do better.  There are things I need help with in order to continue.  There is a post explaining what I need here.


Some of you have suggested things like Twitter chats, public facebook groups or linkups.  It’s not practical for me to run the project with linkups, because my intent was to make this something that doesn’t have defined “dates” and deadlines associated with it. Also, I’m just not going to remember to post weekly or monthly linkup threads.   We can discuss options in the comments if people prefer more structure.  (If you haven’t guessed, I dislike structure.)


I’m not able to do any of the other things until I feel like the project is running smoothly.  In order for that to happen I think there needs to be an official admin team. If you like to be a part of that, please comment below (even if you’ve already commented before) and leave me your Facebook username.  I’m going to try managing admin stuff through a private FB group since that seems to be the best way for everyone to communicate together without it being done on my blog.  Strings of emails going back and forth are inefficient.


The short version, of what I need:


  • 2 or 3 bloggers who will volunteer to read and comment on Challenge posts each week and make sure those posts are getting archived correctly.
  • 1 or 2 bloggers currently active on Twitter who will volunteer to tweet links and promote them with various blogsharing hashtags. I would like to make one of these guys the official “go to” person for Redefining Disability on Twitter, because the site doesn’t work on my computer.
  • 1 or 2 bloggers to do a some guest posting on my blog responding to disability related questions or articles like this one.  As an example of what I mean, I have a plan for a series in response to this  explaining that A) the person using the wheelchair was rude but B) the stall is the only one she can use while everyone else has another option and C) why a baby’s diaper does not trump an adult woman’s need to use a toilet. It’s taking me forever because I simply lack the time.


I also want to talk about what the goals of this project are, because I’m not sure that’s been clear.


My goal with The Redefining Disability Project is to promote and provide tools for better media representation of people with disabilities. 

The role of the Redefining Disability Awareness Challenge within the project is to act as a framework for people to share their own experiences related to disability, so that subsequent posts about representation aren’t just based on my opinion.  I started by just asking people to comment on media related posts.  That didn’t work so well.  I came up with the questions as a way to provide more specific prompts for people to use, but I don’t want the entire project to be a collection of personal anecdotes.

So, if we’re promoting Redefining Disability, I would like to promote it as a project about media representation.  The Challenge seems to be the thing that most bloggers care about, and that’s fine as long as we promote it as part of a larger project, not a thing by itself.


Please use the comment section to volunteer or offer your thoughts on structuring the project.

Redefining Disability Bloggers: Masterlist

We know some folks are not on this list.  We weren’t able to figure out where your URL was linked.  If your name/url isn’t here, please let us know!  Comment with a link to your challenge index and the day of the week on which you post.


Redefining Disability Bloggers


Vagrant Rhodia –


Her Headache –


Ruth L. Snyder –
Shanjeniah (sometimes) –


StrokesurvivorEva/My Miracle Life –

One Post

Rebecca Bradley –
Eclectic Alli –

Redefining Disability Announcement

Redefining Disability2A quickie today because I’m working on a publication for August.  I have longer posts coming in a few weeks to talk about some new policies and a structure for the project.  For today, just know that we’ve updated the link to the Facebook page:

Go here and like the page if you participate in the challenge (or if you just want to help spread the word.)

Redefining Disability Update

redefining-disability2This is just a short post to let people know that things are happening.

Kerry has started a facebook page for the Awareness Challenge. Feel free to join. We’re also talking about starting a Facebook group for those of us involved in managing the project. I think this will be an easier way for everyone to communicate.

Hannah has compiled a master list of challenge participants and the days on which they’re blogging, which will help Ruth and Natacha do visits and shares. I’ll be posting that in two weeks.

The blogosphere is recovering from A to Z and I don’t see much point in posting a lot right now.

I’ve created a new info post and a sign up procedure for the challenge, which will help us manage visits and shares in the future. If you’re currently participating in the challenge, you can continue as you are doing now. Just sign up when the post goes live in June.

I’m asking everyone to please create a page or post on your blog to index your challenge responses. This will make it easier to compile them for anthologies in the future.

Also, please TAG your posts and try to include the question number in your title so I know what I’m looking at.

I’ve decided to hold off on doing anymore writing/media related posts for the time being since most of the interest seems to be in the challenge.

I’d like to know if anyone can volunteer to curate a collection of Disability related links and info.  (I’m looking for informational content, not inspiration porn and human interest stories.)

New Plan for the Spring/Summer


My brother-in-law came by last Saturday and hooked up my external drives to my backup computer (which is now the main computer, I guess.)
I was also able to buy this from my friend, open box but brand new for $500. It ate my savings, but I am hopeful that the trackpad will help my wrists. I’m calling him G’Kar.
My other computers are Garibaldi (the dying old man) and Ivanova.

I briefly considered Londo, but that would be like cursing the computer to an early death. So.

I don’t have much to report about Adanna’s Beginning yet, so I need to switch gears.  (If you want to know what’s up with that, check out my coffee share.)

I’m not doing A to Z this year. I came up with two ideas (both stock image related) and I was able to finish most of the content, but I realized that there’s NO WAY I can get it all uploaded and posted, plus it’s unlikely that I would actually read any A to Z posts on other blogs this year.  (Sorry, Sourcerer folks.) In case anyone missed the memo, there’s something cool in the works over there

I’m going to stick to my routine of one or two posts a week, and for the spring/summer months most of them will be themed stock.   I also may start to upload some fanart.  All of it is free to use as you like. Credit is requested but never required. If you use it commercially, a donation would be appreciated.

I’ll have some geeky musings over on Sourcerer and some other places, so I feel okay letting Get Graphic take the lead here for a few months.


I’m overhauling the categories and navigation in April, so you may notice broken links.  Leave a comment if you need something

I Don’t Want Coffee. Here Are Some Links, Though.

coffee2If we were having coffee, I wouldn’t show up.  Or if I did, you’d be at my house and I’d be in my pajamas dictating notes into a voice recorder while you drank some leftover Foldgers I’d dug out of a closet where it’s been sitting for three years since the last time I saw my friend who  drinks coffee. If I decided to talk to you at all, I’d be griping and moaning about how I had discovered this week that religious bigotry is still lurking in the shadows of my scifi verse and I DON’T WANT IT TO BE THERE.

Then I’d complain about how my computer is shutting itself on and off for kicks and sounds like a lawnmower, so I’ve been trying to move everything over to a different one before it dies completely, so all my blog stuff has come to a screeching halt.  Again.  This post was meant to go live last Sunday and I forgot to finish it because I was playing musical computers all day.



But, on the bright side, I was able to make some progress figuring out exactly which career path Nariya Caine is going to take, which is an important aspect of Adanna’s Beginning.  I’ve projected Nariya out to about 35 now, with a career she enjoys, a family in her future, and a solid relationship with her dad, which was a pretty big problem in my writing over the last couple of months.


And then, I probably wouldn’t have anything else to say because this is how I AM when I’m writing fiction, and if you know me well enough to be having coffee at my house, you know it’s just not a good idea to bother me about anything OTHER than stories when I’m writing stories. Yes, I am actually this dysfunctional. I’m not exaggerating for humor value, though I’m sure it’s funny.  Ask Natacha.


But seriously. I’ve been trying to come up with a coffee post for weeks, ever since my friends put this Weekend Coffeshare linkup together.  I might manage one every two months, when I pull my head out of the sand over here. I think it’s just going to be like that this year.  But I have some links to share because I’ve been behind on reblogs that are important to me, which is why I finished this post today.


Firstly, if you’ve been following my blog and the Redefining Disability Project, check out Dee Scribes and Ruth L. Snyder. Both are new participants this year, and I think Ruth is our first participant who has children with disabilities.  Dee’s recent post on the Social Model of Disability and how it relates to her experiences is pretty much the best thing I’ve read since I started the project, and you should read it if you haven’t already.


I have a guest post coming up in the next few weeks from Heather Massey over at The Galaxy Express on The Social Model as a worldbuilding tool.


Kerry has also made some fantastic Redefining Disability posts recently, and if I tried to link to all of them, I would pretty much link to everything she’s written on Mondays since the new year.


And finally, Feminist Friday discussions are starting up again on Part Time Monster. Sadly, I’m out this round for personal reasons,  but if women’s issues matter to you, this is not a series you should ignore.



Fall Summary 2014

This is a new feature I had originally planned to do on a weekly basis (ha ha.) For now, I’ll run them seasonally and see how it goes.

The two biggest things we’ve had going this fall have been Redefining Disability and Get Graphic.

Redefining Disability2

Redefining Disability

Information about the Redefining Disability Project is here. I ran Redefining Disability posts and re-blogged challenge responses from September-November.


The discussion about the concept of disability as a social construct turned out to be a lot longer/more involved than I expected. That’s a good thing though. At least I know people are talking. I also posted a short story in connection with the project.

I will continue to re-blog challenge posts and hopefully get my ass in gear about posting my own responses over the winter.

I’ll run two more rounds of Redefining Disability discussions next year. Preliminary info on that is here.

get graphic2

Get Graphic!

Get Graphic is seeking contributors!

Get Graphic! Is a redux of my old design blog, combined with my (even older) Livejournal community for fanart, user icons, and resources.

It took me a while, but I think I’ve finally got the kinks worked out and have a way to keep this section of the site going even during my RSI and tendinitis flare-ups.

I no longer plan to go back to school for Graphic Design, so I’m not actively working on developing my Photoshop skills. I can do just about everything I need to do in Paint Shop Pro and GIMP, including cover design.

That means I’ll be loosening up the few restrictions I had on usage for my resources, since I don’t need to brand myself as a designer or think about making a living from my design work.

I do still take on a few design gigs now and then, and the tip jar is always hungry.


  • I’ve mentioned before that I typically use scripts to make resources in large batches. I’ve relied on that even more this year due to the tendinitis issues.
  • I also have some older resource sets from my LJ comm that were quite large, and I’ve realized it’s not helpful to post gazillions of textures in one set, because then it becomes too difficult to find what you need.
  • I’ve been breaking up the older sets into posts of about 20 items each, but I find that I get bored posting 6-7 sets in the same theme/style.
  • So, from now on, I’ll create volumes and make an effort not to post so many similar styles at one time. I think it will give Get Graphic more variety and help me get a better gauge of what types of resources are going to be the most popular.


So far, the most popular things I’ve posted have been the Colorful Abstracts and Blurs sets, with #3 having the most downloads. (55 as of this writing.)

Summary/Catch up

Starting in December, I’ll make a monthly Get Graphic summary for LJ users since I’m WAY behind posting updates there. :)

We’ve had a total of 794 direct downloads from the site and about 300 from other sources like brusheezy, where I upload some sets.  With a total of 10 on comments, that’s a ratio of about 1 comment per 100 or so downloads. Good thing I don’t get paid by the comment!

This fall I posted one free high res texture set.
One premium high res texture set
and 34 icon texture sets ( 100×100 pixels.)

Here’s a list.