Geek and Greet! #geekpastiche

Rose F:

Am sure most of you have seen this, but that’s okay. Go say hello.

Originally posted on Sourcerer:

Trying a little something here today. Think of it as a blog party. I’ve dubbed it “Geek and Greet” because most of us here are geeks, and we like to meet bloggers. Here’s how it works. You don’t have to be a geek or have a geeky blog to join the fun.

  1. Take a post you’ve written. Any post, but must be safe for work. Or a front page link (not both) and share it on the thread.
  2. Visit one other person, or if you’re first, one of our contributors’ blogs. Or visit more.
  3. I’ll do my best to visit the blogs shared here between now and 6 pm ET on Friday and either leave a comment or share a link for you on Twitter over the weekend.

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Join the Summer of the Foxes!

foxes title

Generations ago, the world of Synn was ruled by foxes. Now only the Malimore family remains to protect the Kheldor Mountains in the North. This summer, join the Malimores in a new science fantasy serial by Rose B. Fischer.

foxes title

Part 1, Fox. Hunting is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

This summer, the Malimores will be appearing throughout the blogosphere for interviews, meet and greets, and general mischief. Each appearance will coincide with a the release of a Synn story. We’re inviting you to join our fun, meet the foxes, and discover new worlds to read and fall in love with.

June 1st 2015 is release day for Fox. Hunting! In celebration, I will be hosting the foxes for some big summer announcements, including a writing contest and giveaway!

June 17th 2015, Diana Malimore, the thief and the heroine of Fox. Hunting appears on eclecticalli

July 1st 2015 is release day for Giving Best!

July 8th 2015, Hannah Givens will be hosting Thad Malimore Reynard the Fox, and Micah Malimore for hijinx and a Very Serious Discussion about the celebrity status of their daughters.

July 15th 2015, Cleo Malimore, the Ranger and the heroine of Giving Best appears on Nerd in the Brain

August 1st 2015 is release date for Doubling Back!

August 19 2015 Melissa Barker Simpson interviews Aldra, the scholar, businesswoman and heroine of Doubling Back.

Friday, August 29 through Sunday, August 31 we’ll be hosting a Foxy Blog Party here on and announcing the winner of our contest!

Redefining Disability Bloggers: Masterlist

Redefining Disability2

We know some folks are not on this list.  We weren’t able to figure out where your URL was linked.  If your name/url isn’t here, please let us know!  Comment with a link to your challenge index and the day of the week on which you post.


Redefining Disability Bloggers


Vagrant Rhodia –


Her Headache –


Ruth L. Snyder –
Shanjeniah (sometimes) –


StrokesurvivorEva/My Miracle Life –

One Post

Rebecca Bradley –
Eclectic Alli –

Super Awesome Self Promo Thread of Doom

self promo

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to the Super Awesome Self Promo Thread of Doom.  I will post this thread on Sundays.  Then, for the next week, any and all are welcome to drop links in the comments section.

  •  Link to any post or page on your blog.
  • I will share your (work safe) content here on and in my social media feeds.
  • Preference is given to new content, but I will also share info posts/pages for long running blog features.

The only rules:

  • No Amazon links or links to “buy my book!” pages.  I want to know what’s happening on your blog.  If I go there, I can find your commercial projects myself.
  • Drop as many links as you like, but for every link you share you must also visit and comment on a link someone else drops!
  • Reblog and/or share this post at least once during the week.