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Rose B. Fischer is an avid fan of Foxes, Star Trek, and Stargate: SG-1. She would rather be on the Enterprise right now. Since she can't be a Starfleet officer, she became an author. Her current project is The Foxes of Synn, a low-tech science fantasy serial. Click here for more information. She is a survivor of domestic violence who lives with multiple disabilities. Visit rosebfischer.com for more!

The Truth About Moms, Child Abuse, and Guilt

Yesterday, I wrote an essay about my lifelong battle with incontinence. It includes two incidents of physical abuse by my mom. I fully intended to post the essay as part of an ongoing series I’ve been doing here. I went to bed last night, and I began to think, “oh, shit, I can’t post that. People will think my mother is a horrible human being and she would be hurt if she read it.” I thought of all the things that she’s been through in her life. Several miscarriages, spousal abuse, the loss of a child. Does she really need to have this exposed? I’m not using her name, nor mine, but that guilt remains. I wonder why.

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Fangirl: Doin It for Herself – A Writing Journey

Originally posted on Natacha Guyot:

Fangirl title Designed by Rose B. Fischer.

When I was in fourth grade, my class did a creative writing unit. It was a lot of fun. We were assigned to write a series of fiction pieces, and for one of them, our teacher showed us how to make clothbound books. Our stories were each printed on special pages and made into keepsake books. Then all of the students voted on their favorites. I could’ve done without the voting part, but I kept my book for years until one of my siblings accidentally ruined it.

My first idea for that project was a He-Man and She-Ra fanfiction. He-Man and She-Ra were conceived as half-hour (or 20 minute, given commercials) programs where each episode had a self-contained story. The stories were one offs, for the most part, but they did have a loose continuity. That sense of continuity was built up and enhanced by…

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How to Build A Fictional Education System

Originally posted on Comparative Geeks:

Few things say as much to me about a culture as its education system. What a society values, it teaches to its young, and that means its values are at the core of any system designed to teach and enculturate children.

Education is a big issue right now. People are drowning in student debt, but many of them are unable to get jobs in the fields that they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire qualifications in.  We’re wrestling with questions about what education is for, what constitutes a good one, and how much it should cost.  Eventually, questions like that will (or should) filter into our speculative fiction.

There are lots of middle grade and YA books where schools function as a setting element.  Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid come to mind. In those stories, if education is relevant at all, it’s a…

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A Sneak Peak at my New Year’s Resolutions

1. Stop saying the word “actually” all the time. Because it’s actually annoying.
2. Sleep more. Because I’m almost 40 and I’m tired.
3. Make two new friends by the end of the year. Because my old ones are getting worn out and creaky. They talk about boring things like graduate school and politics and mortgages when I want to talk about cartoons and candy and Adam Lambert. I need to be friends with 10-year-olds.