Header2Who is Rose B. Fischer?

Rose B.Fisher is a pseudonym.   I’m a survivor of domestic violence, and I write under assumed names for my own safety.

Fiction Writer

I write fantasy, science fiction, and horror featuring women who defy cultural stereotypes.  In my fictional worlds, gender is fluid, sexuality exists on a spectrum, and “disability” does not define an individual. My stories are not “issue” oriented, but rather are built around societies I created to reflect my hopes for the a future of real equality and inclusiveness. Check out The Short and Sweet Author Bio for more.

Blogger/Social Commentator

I’ve been active on Blogger since 2009. My blogs there are both pretty niche oriented. One is about fan culture and how it has impacted my life. The other is partly a showcase for my graphic art and partly the clearinghouse for graphic design resources and tutorials.

I wanted something a little more broad — a place I could share my thoughts and opinions on things that don’t fit either of those topics. This will be the place for that.

I make no promise of regular updates, but I warn you now that I have a lot of opinions and I like to talk.


Visit  “About This Blog” and “About Rose B. Fischer” pages if you’d like to know more.


You can check out a complete list of upcoming topics here.

If you have a request or an idea, feel free to drop me a line.


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