Sunday Update: July 6, 2014


There’s no ROW 80 check-in this week. The new around begins tomorrow, but I have some update-y things to cover, and I didn’t do one last week.

Redefining Disability2

Redefining Disability

I made a new intro post for the expanded Redefining Disability Project, since the original intro was specifically for the blog series. If you’re new to my blog, and you’re interested in representation for people with disabilities, please check out that post.

On the Blog/in My Social Media Feeds

I discovered this week that WordPress only lets me reblog a post once. I’d been planning to periodically reblog that one. Looking for a work-around if anyone else has ideas.

Sharing the intro post on Facebook this week led to a cool discussion about the definition of disability, and I’m thinking about revisiting that topic when I open the series in September. I talked about language and definitions before, but I feel like this needs to be a topic we talk about more than once. Almost every post I’ve seen and even some of the comments here address this issue or demonstrate the need for further discussion just by virtue of how often I see phrases like “the disabled” “the handicapped” and “wheelchair bound.” I read some discussion about metaphorical representation this week too, around the issue of whether or not “made up” or “magical” disabilities count as representation. That’s worth discussing here, because I don’t want to assume that everyone shares my opinion about this.

There’s also this post from yesterday about stereotypes and idealizing people with disabilities. I’d like to revisit that topic in a more thought-out post and see if we can generate some discussion around fears about acquiring a disability or social conventions that contribute tho this kind of idealized characterization.

So, I think that I may start with those two topics in September and see what kind of discussion develops. I think they would both be good as groundwork for practical writing examples and tips. So, I’m looking at doing those posts in September and then starting writing related topics in October, unless folks are really enthusiastic about getting those writing tips out as soon as I can manage it.

On Other Sites

I have three guest posts finished. One for Signal Positive, one for Readful Things, and one for Wording Well. They need to be formatted and have html added for links and such. Then they should all be off to their respective host bloggers sometime later this week.


I have first drafts finished for three of the four stories I said I would write for Redefining Disability. I’m having trouble with the fourth one because the story ideas I come up with work, but they don’t end up being very helpful comes to examples of presenting or introducin anyhitng.


Disney/Children’s Media

I took an unplanned break from this in June and I started watching a couple of adult shows, and I’ve recently found out that the ABC show Switched At Birth has a Deaf main character. I think I’m going to let the children’s media break continue and check these out for Redefining Disability.

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