Amazing Firework Photography

Happy Fourth of July to everyone celebrating today.

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Alexandre Goulet, a Software Engineer from Ontario, Canada. He has found that photography is a great media through which he can escape the day to day trials of life. Photography was especially helpful after the loss of his mother. Photography, in addition to therapy, was a great deal of help to him through that challenging time.

About this photo: My fireworks pictures used to turn out horribly blurry. The few times I got lucky with a shot, the picture had no life to it. Follow these three tips to get better fireworks pictures.

Tip number 1: Use a Tripod

You would not believe the benefits of using a tripod for firework pictures. However it is pretty much a must! Fireworks are already very difficult to shoot on their own: you have to get the timing just right, the scene in front of you is metered as dark by…

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